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Accurate Label Sensor Needs No Programming

Designed to provide accurate detection of labels on web backing, the SLC1 Series Label Sensor reliably senses the difference between extremely low contrast materials including clear labels on opaque or clear backing, and opaque labels on opaque or clear backing. The SLC1 is a solution for label registering applications and label counting tasks in slitting or rewinding applications. A proprietary adaptive digital logic system enables the unit's high-resolution mP to learn label characteristics in 250 ms or the passing of four labels, and provides continuous, automatic adjustment of sensing threshold and drift compensation. Users simply place the label web in the sensing slot location marked sensing area, and let the labels run through the sensor. Maximum label counting speed is 40,000 labels per minute at a web speed of 3660 m per minute. AT THE SITE: product photos and descriptions.


Product URL: Click here for more information

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