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Active Harmonic Filters Reside In Open Chassis

Active Harmonic Filters Reside In Open Chassis

The StacoSine active harmonic filters reside in an open chassis assembly that allows a wide range of original equipment manufacturers, systems integrators, and panel builders to incorporate the filters within their final equipment configurations. These can include motor control centers, switchgear and switchboards, automation controls, and other electrical power distribution apparatus. Filters can be mounted in a 20" deep enclosure and with ratings up to 300A. The StacoSine filters are suitable for use with variable frequency drive systems, pumps/HVAC, water and wastewater treatment plants, off-shore oil platforms, on-site and emergency power generation, three-phase UPS, datacenters, process industries, and general manufacturing environments. Up to six units can be added in parallel to accommodate future equipment additions. STACO ENERGY PRODUCTS, Dayton, OH. (866) 266-1191.


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