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Actuator Heads Rotate On Safety Switches

With a rotating actuator head, SI-LS100 and SI-LS83 Safety Switches can be wired to a safety relay module that actuates machine control elements to halt dangerous motion when a mechanical guard is opened. The actuator rotates in 90° increments without the need for tools, allowing engagement from four sides and four top positions. The devices can lower inventories, thanks to their design flexibility. Dimensions are 30.5 mm deep in two heights of 100 mm or 83 mm, depending upon the number of contacts. The switches are available with a choice of five actuators: two in-line types for sliding doors and lift-off covers; vertical radius and horizontal radius for hinged doors; and flexible, for hinged door applications with misalignment or vibration factors. The mechanically coded actuators use two independent operating elements to minimize intentional tampering or defeat. Contacts are rated 10A at 24 vac, 10A at 110 vac, 6A at 230 vac, or 6A at 24 vdc. Maximum switching speed is 30 operations per minute and maximum actuator speed is 39" per second.


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