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Adhesive/Sealant Meets NASA Outgassing Specs

Adhesive/Sealant Meets NASA Outgassing Specs

A one component UV curable modified epoxy system, UV10TKLO-2 is not oxygen inhibited and cures rapidly at room temperature when exposed to UV light. It meets low outgassing specifications as per NASA ASTM E-595 and is suitable for use in a wide array of optical, electro-optical, and vacuum applications that are normally off limits for UV curable compounds. Maximum UV absorption takes place in the 320 nm to 365 nm range. To optimize low outgassing properties, UV10TKLO-2 should be preheated to 50ºC for 15 minutes prior to use and then set to cool to room temperature. MASTER BOND INC., Hackensack, NJ. (201) 343-8983.


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