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Advanced Ferrite Materials Target High-Power Designs

Available in a wide range of core shapes and sizes, these materials combine low power loss with high performance.

Designers of high-power ferrite circuits that require low power loss can now avail themselves of advanced ferrite materials specifically designed for their applications. The P1 and P2 series of materials from AVX Corp. come in a wide range of core shapes and sizes for use in system functions, including battery chargers, industrial induction heating, uninterruptible power supplies (UPSs), and welding equipment. Both P1 and P2 materials target applications requiring low power loss in the frequency range of 25 to 200 kHz. They're optimized for operating between 80°C and 100°C.

"We've implemented this improvement to our materials to provide high saturation flux density for high-power applications," says Bill Peace, AVX product manager. "These materials offer extremely low power loss in a wide range of frequencies."

The P1 material provides power loss as low as 65 mW/cm3 at a frequency of 25 kHz, a magnetic field of 200 mT (milliTesla), and a temperature of 100°C, which represents a 40% reduction in power loss versus AVX's current B2 material. The P2 material provides power loss as low as 40 mW/cm3 at 25 kHz, 200 mT, and 100°C. P2's 45-mW/cm3 power loss at 100 kHz, 100 mT, and 100°C represent a loss that's 40% lower than P1 material.

The most popular shapes are E and U cores, I bars, and toroidal cores up to 1.6 kg per core. AVX can also develop custom shapes upon request.

Typical pricing for the P1 and P2 series structures in large core sizes starts at $0.90 each in OEM quantities. They are available immediately.

AVX Corp.
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