Electronic Design

Against Auto-Infotainment

The average American probably does NOT take out enough time to see where he has been or were he is going! The Last thing the American Driver needs is distractions and your article on "infotainment" really upset me! The cell phone industry has paid off our legislators to let people use their cell phones while driving! I bet a lot of money that the REAL # of accidents due to cell phone use is at least TEN times the real # of deaths -- 2K a year! I just today was walking along on the edge of a parking lot to go to the library, and would you believe, this woman was holding onto a lit cigarette with a hand holding her cell phone to her ear and making a turn without looking back to see who was in front of her as she almost hit me! What is wrong with this picture? Smoking, phoning, driving & not looking where she is going! Muti-tasking, with NO BRAIN! What we need is a brain to tell the average driver, HA stupid, wake up and drive correctly! I am waiting for the day, hopefully real soon, where the car will not let people make stupid mistakes! I never use my cell phone while I drive, just like the SWEDISH people do! Fortunately in N.Y. state it is against the law, and I can NOT wait for 2008 in California! Best Regards, Peter Guckenheimer Senior Design Engineer M.E.

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