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Air-To-Air Thermoelectric Coolers Chill Outdoor Enclosures

Additions to Laird’s air-to-air outdoor thermoelectric cooler assemblies expand the number of outdoor applications, particularly telecom battery back-up systems and electronic integration enclosures that require cooling in harsh environments. The AA-100, AA-150, and AA-200 thermoelectric cooler assemblies combine thermoelectric modules with high coefficient of performance (COP) to minimize power consumption, fans with a high degree of environmental protection, and reliable solid-state operation that does not use a compressor or CFC refrigerants. They also offer waterproof connectors, high-density heat sinks with heavy duty anodization, overheat protection, and double environmental seals to protect against outside contaminants. The gaskets, connectors, and fans provide an enclosure seal that is rated NEMA 4. DC operation is available in either 24 or 48 VDC. LAIRD TECHNOLOGIES INC., St. Louis, MO. (888) 246-9050.


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