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Air Conditioner Comes Mounted In Enclosure Door

By integrating an air conditioner into the door of one of its TS8 enclosures, the manufacturer reports it can offer the completed assembly for less than it would cost OEMs to buy and assemble the separate units themselves. The air conditioners can be used with any of the company's 600 mm deep and 1800 mm/2000 mm high TS8 enclosures and are easily removed and reinstalled for maintenance purposes. The enclosures' solid front makes them resistant to dirt and damage and provides a large space between air inlet and outlet. And the slim profile air conditioners extend only 6" outside the enclosure frame. The KTS line of TS8 climate-controlled enclosures is available in 4270, 5150, 6860 and 8700 BTU cooling capacities. A built-in thermostat gives a pre-selection of interior temperatures in the range of 68°F to 131°F.

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