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Air-Core Inductors Engage Apps Up To 240°C

Air-Core Inductors Engage Apps Up To 240°C

High-temperature air-core applications, such as VHF-UHF RF that requires aerospace- and/or military-level performance, are the targets of Coilcraft CPS’s AT392RAS inductors. Air-core design and special materials operate in ambient temperatures ranging from −60° to 240°C. Five inductance values are available, from 8.1 to 27.3 nH, for the family of eight inductors. Q ratings run as high as 130 despite their small size. Current handling reaches 4 A. A flat top and bottom boosts reliability in terms of pick-and-place assembly, as well as on-board mechanical stability. The coil’s inductance linearity is unaffected by changes in current, which helps maintain performance and minimize unwanted harmonics. Featuring tin-lead terminations, the AT392RAS series passes NASA low out-gassing specifications.


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