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Air Filters Wrap Around Enclosure Windowpanes

Designed to provide a low pressure drop and to meet the edge-to-edge air filter requirements of enclosure designers, the Wrap- Around Windowpane air filter employs an innovative frame design. Called frame-n-pane, this design approach allows filter media to be configured with extended surface area for minimal airflow resistance. In addition, the filters maintain rigidity to keep their shape and stay in place.Pane sizes and frame thickness can be customized to meet user-specific applications. In addition, special finishes are available for the frames to protect against EMI, RFI, and corrosion. Additional features can be specified such as cleanable black, gray or green Quadrafoam media that meets UL 94 HF-1, UL 900 Class 2, CE, NEBS GR-78-CORE, and GR-63-CORE. UNIVERSAL AIR FILTER CO., Sauget, IL. (800) 541-3478.


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