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All-Plastic Ice Sensor Suits Up For Aerial Apps

Dubbed the first in-flight ice sensor made entirely of plastic, the Model 9732-UAV ice detecting transducer probe reportedly solves the problem of conductive metallic interference with mission-critical radio antennas on unmanned aerial vehicles. The sensor is transparent to radio frequencies and its body consists of Delrin and Acrylic plastics. The only metal in the sensor assembly is in the wires that connect it to a host system. The component installs virtually anywhere on an aircraft fuselage, at any angle of attack, raked forward or aft, and with any orientation of the sensor air gap. The only requirement is that the air gap positions beyond the airflow boundary layer. The sensor measures 1.5” long and 0.25” in diameter. It weighs less than 10g and features what may be the industry's most-sensitive ice detection threshold of 0.001” of ice or better. Additionally, the Model 9732-UAV works as an optical spectrometer, has no moving parts, and is suitable for use in pressurized aircraft. NEW AVIONICS CORP., Fort Lauderdale FL. (954) 568-1991.


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