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Aluminum Cases Are At Home On A Wall Or In Control Panels

At home both on a wall and in a control panel, the Multitec series of aluminum cases allows system designers to use the same housing irrespective of where it will be mounted. When fitting the case to a control panel, the installation engineer simply mounts it into the accessory panel mounting frame. The frame provides fixing points for the control panel. Assembly is reported as taking only a few minutes.Four sizes are available: size S (5.91" x 5.91" x 2.56"); size SL (9.84" x 5.91" x 2.56"); size M (9.84" x 9.84" x 3.94"); and size L (13.78" x 9.84" x 3.94"). Construction consists of the case body, a removable rear panel that fits snugly into the rear of the case body, and the front panel.Applications include security, medical, process control, building access, test and measurement, and machine control.


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