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Analog SPST Switches Offer Low 10-nA Leakage Currents

The MightyMUX high-performance analog switch line recently ushered in the ISL84521, ISL84522, and ISL84523 switches and their 10-nA maximum leakage currents. Such leakage currents help lengthen hold times in sample-and-hold circuits. The devices' fast switching speeds (tON = 45 ns, tOFF = 15 ns) reduce propagation delays in timing-sensitive applications. Target applications include portable battery-powered equipment with space and power-consumption limitations. The switches, which contain four single-pole, single-throw (SPST) switches, provide minimal charge injection of only 5 pC maximum to optimize signal integrity. They operate from a single 2- to 12-V supply or a dual ±2- to ±6-V supply. The ISL84521 features all normally closed (NC) switches, while the ISL84522 has all normally open (NO) switches. The ISL84523 includes two normally open and two normally closed switches. Each of the new MightyMUX switches is available in 16-lead SOIC, TSSOP, and QFN packages. They're designed for use in low-supply-voltage digital-to-analog converters (DACs) and analog-to-digital converters (ADCs), sample-and-hold circuits, digital filters, op-amp gain switching, high-frequency analog switching, high-speed multiplexing, and integrator reset circuits. All devices operate from −40°C to 85°C. Pricing for the MightyMUX ranges from $0.66 to $0.85 per unit, depending on the package.

Intersil Corp.
www.intersil.com; (888) 468-3774

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