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Anti Backlash Assembly Delivers Precise Positioning

Targeting vertical applications requiring noise or vibration control, the ZBX series anti-backlash assembly is described as an ideal linear actuator for design operations requiring precise positional accuracy and repeatability at a minimum cost. Inherent damping qualities within the design make it a viable candidate for vertical applications requiring noise or vibration control. The assembly employs a patented self-lubricating polyacetal nut that is radially preloaded on a 303 stainless steel screw. Other reported features include reliable torque consistency and repeatability when traversing in either direction through a unique load transfer capability. End machining to user specs and Kerkote TFE screw coatings are optional, as well as designs for special operating configurations or environments. KERK MOTION PRODUCTS INC., Hollis, NH. (603) 465-7227.


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