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Arena Solutions Launches New Prototyping Tool

Cloud software provider’s new product helps engineers go from prototype to production.

Cloud software provider Arena Solutions recently launched an application aimed at making it easier for manufacturers of all sizes to capture, communicate, and share product data as they move from prototype to production.

Arena PDXViewer is a build package reviewer that requires no setup, is easy to use, and gives engineers more control over their prototyping projects, according to Arena, which provides cloud-based bill of materials (BOM) and change management software for design engineers and manufacturing companies.

PDXViewer complements the company’s recently launched PartsList program, a lightweight BOM management app that allows engineers to quickly and easily create and share BOMs. Using the two products together, engineers can import designs from ECAD, automatically complete documentation, and share completed BOMs or PDX build packages with anyone.

The products are part of Arena Solutions’ low-cost, cloud-based BOM management solutions program aimed at small and mid-sized companies.

“We already offer a scalable product that whole organizations and their supply chains can use to centralize BOMs, manage product changes and revisions and securely share up-to-date product information,” says Steve Chalgren, vice president of product management and strategy for Arena. “We are just extending the benefits of the cloud to a wider audience by creating products that can help [original equipment manufacturers] document and share their designs with [contract manufacturers] earlier in the process. With PartsList and PDXViewer, startups and small tech companies finally have a way to get up and running with no set-up costs, and no hassle.”

Arena Solutions

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