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Arrays Gang Ferrite Beads Together To Combat EMI

Designed for suppressing EMI in multi-line circuits, the PMA Series consists of four ferrite beads in a single package, allowing four separate lines to be handled simultaneously. Targeted at products such as cell phones, pagers, notebook computers, network cards, and printers, the ferrite chip bead arrays measure only 3.2 mm x 1.6 mm x 0.9 mm. They employ a multi-layer construction and magnetically shielded circuits to prevent coupling and to ensure optimal signal integrity. Other features of the SMT EMI suppressors include an impedance range of 30 ohms to 1,000 ohms, dc current range of 100 to 350 mA, and a -55°C to +125°C operating temperature range. The arrays come in Type L and H versions for low- and high-frequency applications, respectively, and are priced from $0.25 each in production quantities. J.W. MILLER, Gardena, CA. (310) 515-1720.

Company: J.W. MILLER

Product URL: Click here for more information

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