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ASIC Transducer Performs Isolated Current Measurement

The Minisens, a miniature IC transducer, performs ac/dc isolated current measurement up to 100 kHz and provides full isolation—no optocouplers required. The component exhibits a sensitivity of 20 mV to 200 mV per Amp of primary current with no insertion losses. A SMD device in a SO8-IC package, the Minisens integrates Hall-effect sensors with a magnetic concentrator to allow dc measurement without the need for an additional magnetic core. Via non-contact measurement, near unlimited current levels are possible, eliminating the need for current flow through the device. The only limiting factor is the thermal capacities of the primary conductor. Parameters can be configured via on-chip memory. Two outputs are available: one filtered, to limit the noise bandwidth; and one unfiltered, to ensure a response time of less than 3 µs. Additionally, the component operates on a 5V supply. LEM USA INC., Milwaukee, WI. (800) 236-5366.

Company: LEM USA INC.

Product URL: Click here for more information

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