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Assemblies Work In Ultrasound Settings

The new ModulUS3 line offers pre-engineered coax, cable and termination options with custom ultrasound assemblies. Forming the basis for ModulUS3 products are two true coax configurations, 101 and 53 pF/m (31 and 16 pF/ft.), that provide completely shielded signal lines to provide better consistency and signal protection compared to other non-coaxial constructions. The entire interconnect system is designed to maintain crosstalk at less than -30 dB at 10 MHz on finished assemblies to fall below the inherent acoustic crosstalk found in most transducers. For EMI/RFI containment, ModulUS3 assemblies employ continuous shielding end-to-end, including connector actuation shaft. The assembly enclosure also houses a nickel ferrite to help suppress noise in the 20 to 300 MHz range. Each assembly is 2.5 meters (98 in.) in overall length.


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