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ATR Enclosures Confront Thermal Challenges

Rugged and ready for deployment in unfriendly environments, the 700 Series Air Transport Rack (ATR) enclosures protect a variety of commercial off-the-shelf air-cooled cards, extended temperature cards, and conduction-cooled, military-grade cards. Addressing a variety of thermal challenges, the enclosures are available with convection (714 Series), re-circulating air (715 Series), conduction (716 Series), or air-over conduction (717 Series) cooling configurations. Adding flexibility, the 716 Series features configurable conducting walls to handle a diversity of environmental conditions in the military sector. The 714 Series features a modular aluminum frame with solid rivet technology while the 715 and 717 Series leverage dip-brazed construction for a sealed system. All 700 Series enclosures range in size and weight to meet the requirements of airborne and vehtronics applications. For more details, contact Jessica Isquith at CARLO GAVAZZI COMPUTING SOLUTIONS, Brockton, MA (800) 926-8722.


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