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Automotive Relay Handles High Inrush Lamp Loads

Expanding its automotive relay series, the company has added a high-power model capable of switching a maximum inrush current of 80 A. The FBR51NDxx-WL is rated at 14 Vdc up to 115 W for 200,000 operations. Its maximum carrying current is 35A for 1hr. at 20°C, at rated coil voltage. The new device features a new structural design, which is said to significantly reduce bounce to enhance performance for lamp loads. High-conductance materials make it possible to seal the relay in about a 0.5-in. enclosure capable of operating in temperatures from -40°C to 85°C. Other relay specifications include a 10 ms operating time, 5 ms maximum release time, and a maximum contact voltage drop of 100 mV at 12 Vdc at 2 A. Vibration resistance is 10 to 55 Hz and shock resistance is 100 m/s2 minimum misoperation and 1 km/2 endurance. The relay comes in an SPST-NO configuration with 6-, 9-, 10-, or 12-Vdc coils and are priced at $1.09 each/10,000.


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