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Background Suppression Sensors Conquer Long Distances

The OJ series background suppression sensors can sense very small targets at distances up to 400 mm. Measuring only 24 by 45 by 11 mm, the parts ignore shiny metal or bright white backgrounds typically found in conveyor applications. They incorporate diode array sensing technology that lets them differentiate between the target and background. The sensor's red light source provides precise target detection and features a highly visible 18-mm diameter light spot. Its microprocessor-based pushbutton adjustment simplifies installation and reduces setup time. The sensor can "learn" the characteristics of an application and determine the distances of both the target and the background. Front- and side-sensing body styles are available. A quick-disconnect feature allows the PNP sensor to be removed from its mounting bracket without realigning the unit or moving the bracket itself. Available models include pico dc connector units and a 150-mm PUR cable version with micro dc connector. Pricing ranges from $75 to $81.

ifm efector inc.
www.ifmefector.com; (800) 441-8246

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