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Backshell Has EMI Shield

This high-performance EMI shielded backshell boasts of significant benefits over traditional termination methods. The HexaShield adaptor utilizes Raychem SolderShield technology to terminate individual cable screens onto a connector shell with complete 360° EMI protection of the shield termination. It is simple to install and can be re-entered repeatedly to retrofit additional cables, with no loss of shielding performance. HexaShield is said to supply superior shielding performance, without the need for overbraiding of the termination. It can accommodate a mix of screened cable types and sizes, with strain relief applied to each individual cable. HexaShield meets industry requirements in respect of mechanical and environmental resistance. The backshell is available in formats compatible with all the connectors popularly used in commercial and military avionics, including ARINC 600 connectors.


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