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Bail Arm Accommodates Width Of Almost Any Enclosure

Available in sizes to accommodate the width of almost any type of electronics enclosure, the universal Bail Arm can be mounted from both the inside and the outside of the enclosure. Designed for ease of use, the bail arm can also be removed in the 135° index position.
The bail arm comes with a rugged ratchet mechanism that allows 30° indexing. Should the arm become overloaded, the ratchet will disengage automatically, so as to avoid damage to the mechanism. Made from two materials, the side arms are in off-white GRP and the center section is in silver anodized, extruded aluminum.
Mechanism push buttons are in volcano gray GRP and the ratchet springs are in stainless steel. Price for the side-arm kit starts at $20 in quantity and the handle profile is priced according to width.


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