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Battery Monitor Circuit Claims High Accuracy

Claimed as the industry's highest accuracy battery monitoring and reporting sensor, the PS3180 SmartShunt is a battery monitoring circuit integrated onto a high-current shunt assembly. It performs all major battery monitoring and reporting functions, including voltage, temperature, current and current integration (Ahr) measurements, as well as providing state-of-charge and battery health information via an advanced communications bus.
The SmartShunt is based on the company's proprietary IC, which has an on-chip 14-bit integrating A/D converter, 8-bit RISC microprocessor, and serial communications interface, as well as patented self-learning algorithms and 3-dimensional battery cell models.
Target applications include 12V, 24V and 42V starting battery systems, hybrid electrical vehicles, UPS battery backup, and others. Initially, the sensor will be offered in 25A and 100A ratings, but alternate current ratings are also available. Pricing for the SmartShunt is less than $20 each/1,000.


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