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Bearing-Less Digital Torque Meters Offer Sweat-Free Installation

Promising exceptional installation latitude, the MCRT 86000V and 87000V Series bearing-less digital torque meters can tolerate rotor-to-stator misalignments up to 1-in. axially and 0.3-in. radially. Of note, their antennae are immune to metal components positioned as close as 0.1 in. The torque meters specify 0.05% accuracies and mechanical overload ratings of 400%, and 300% electrical over range. These characteristics reportedly eliminate the need to compromise accuracy for safety when addressing diesel or other drives with high peak-to-average torque ratios. Full-scale ranges from 50 N-m to 10,000 N-m are available. For more details, call S. HIMMELSTEIN & CO., Hoffman Estates, IL. (847) 843-3300.


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