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Bearings Are Lightweight And Maintenance Free

Bearings Are Lightweight And Maintenance Free

Highly suitable for use in bicycle front suspension applications, headsets, pedals, brakes, and drive trains, the company now offers an extended range of composite bearings that are low friction, light weight, and maintenance-free. In headsets, the latest NORGLIDE composite bearings provide a lightweight low-friction alternative to conventional sealed roller bearing elements. They feature a fluoropolymer friction surface with a rubber backing that enables them to exceed the performance of conventional bearings. In pedal assemblies, they can replace axle-shaft rolling element bearings and plastic bushings.  And for bicycle braking systems, NORGLIDE bearings find applications in the brake levers where they provide a low-clearance, low-friction upgrade for conventional lever pivots and in cantilevers. SAINT-GOBAIN CERAMICS & PLASTICS, INC., Worcester, MA. (508) 795-5000.

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