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BGA Precision Resistor Networks Eliminate Parasitic Effects, Shunt Resistance

Designed for applications requiring tight tolerances and ratios, the CHC-Precision Series of precision resistor networks comes in a ball-grid array (BGA) package with all circuits on the bottom side of the device. This single-sided monolithic design gets rid of wrap-around terminations and the parasitic effects that they cause. In addition, the one-sided design permits washing under the component to eliminate the detrimental shunting effects of uncleaned assembly process residues. The CHC-Precision Series uses TT electronics IRC’s patented TaNFilm (tantalum nitride) technology, which produces precision resistive elements that are immune from corrosion problems in humid environments. Also, the self-passivating properties of tantalum nitride result in a more stable, reliable resistive device.

The resistor networks come in 8- and 16-pad packages in resistance ranges from 10 Ω to 100 kΩ. Maximum working voltage is 50 V. The devices feature TCR tracking to ±5 ppm/°C, ratio tolerances to ±0.05%, absolute tolerances to ±0.1%, and absolute TCRs to ±25 ppm/°C. Operating temperature range is −55°C to 150°C. IRC will also produce devices outside these specifications to meet customer requirements. The CHC-Precision Series resistor networks cost $1.00 each in quantities of 10,000. Lead time is from stock to 10 weeks.

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