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Bi-Cell Photodiode Has High Spectral Response, Low Noise

The red-enhanced ODD-3W-2 Bi-Cell photodiode from Opto Diode Corp. features a high spectral response of 0.55 A/W at 900 nm and a low noise equivalent power of 2.5 × 10−14W/√Hz typical. The 3-mm² bi-cell detector also has a high shunt resistance of 250 MΩ minimum. Packaged in a standard TO-5 can for easy integration, the chip measures 0.100 by 0.48 in. (per element). Operating temperature range is from −40°C to 125°C.

The photodiodes are well-suited for position-sensing applications, emitter alignment, test and measurement, and other industrial tasks where single-axis nulling is required. The ODD-3W-2 is shipping now and costs $15 each in quantities of 100. For more information, visit www.optodiode.com.

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