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Bluetooth Connectors Eliminate Serial Cables

The company’s latest self-pairing Bluetooth cable replacement products promise to eliminate data cables and allow equipment with RS-485 or RS-232 data ports to communicate using wireless Bluetooth technology. Their IP68-rated, environmentally-sealed enclosures protect against dust and moisture. The PX0885 mounts internally or externally for maximum flexibility and for optimum range. Wireless point-to-point or multi-drop data connections are quick and easy between serial interfaces or dumb devices and work transparently without any need for a PC, PLC, or Bluetooth software. Master and slave units automatically establish a data link between themselves with no intervention or special serial commands required. The master automatically connects with up to six slave units to form a multi-drop network. For more details and prices, call ELEKTRON COMPONENTS CORP., Thousand Palms, CA. (760) 343-3650.


Product URL: Click here for more information

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