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Boxes Solve RFI/EMI Problems

Manufactured from bright, mild steel finished with a hot tin-lead or electrolytic tin coating, with both finishes suitable for soldering, these boxes can help solve RFI/EMI problems in electronic products ranging from instrumentation to low-power radio equipment. The RF boxes can be housed inside a larger enclosure to solve RFI/EMI problems within a system, or can be used as the actual system enclosure itself. Box sizes range from 1.98" x 1.24" x 0.37" to 11.06" x 2.99" x 1.42, with the folded boxes having either one or two lids--the lids either slide-on or clip-on with contact fingers. Most models also come with vertical dividers for compartmentalizing the boxes. The RF boxes have a starting price of $1.60 each. For more details, contact Sean Bailey at TEKO ENCLOSURES INC., Bridgeville, PA. (800) 965-9872.


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