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Breaker Moonlights As Rocker Switch

Primarily functioning as a thermal circuit breaker, the P&B W51 also doubles as a power rocker switch. When deployed with its optional indicator lamp, a single breaker can replace up to three components in a piece of equipment. The compact, trip-free, rocker’s actuated design is rated for 5A to 20A and targets a wide range of applications in household goods, fitness equipment, office machines, and industrial equipment. The circuit breaker snaps into common power-switch cutouts, and standard 0.25" quick-connect tabs are used for wire termination. It can carry 100% of its rated capacity continuously and may trip between 101% and 134% capacity. At 135% of rated capacity, the breaker trips within one hour. Other features include an interrupt capacity of 1 kA as per UL 1077, a resettable overload capacity of ten times the rated current, and a reset time of one minute. Price is $1.12 each/10,000. TYCO ELECTRONICS, Harrisburg, PA. (800) 522-6752.


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