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Bulb/Capillary Thermostats Handle 30A

Featuring a 30A capacity and a variety of options for safety and flexibility, the SHQ, SHR, SJQ, and SJW series bulb and capillary thermostats target a broad range of applications. These include commercial and residential cooking appliances, pools and spas, electric heaters, deep fryers, laundry, and HVAC. The thermostats are essentially electro-mechanical on/off switches, activated by temperature ranges from –20°C to 320°C, which open on temperature rise. All are available with a variety of mounting hardware including front and back brackets. Users can select from a wide range of knobs and bezels in a variety of configurations, sizes, and colors. The Model SJW incorporates a positive-off switch that forces the contacts to remain open, a safety feature that ensures the unit stays off without a chance of accidental restart. Shared options for all three series include 8-32 and 10-32 screw terminals, quick-connects, custom markings, pilot duty load ratings, and gold flash contacts for milliamp applications. Prices range from $10 to $30 each. SELCO PRODUCTS CO., Anaheim, CA. (800) 229-2332.


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