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Bus Converter Module Drops 270 V Down To Avionics’ 28 V

With up to 200 W of output power, the VPTHVM-270 Series regulated bus-converter module operates from a 270-V bus and steps down the power to create a regulated 28-V bus for avionics power systems. The module enables designers to create a 28-V distributed-power bus with which to run many avionics subsystems, such as electronic warfare or other instrumentation. A wide input-voltage range of 160 V to 500 V accommodates MIL-STD-704 input power requirements. Thanks to 91% efficiency, the module reduces input power requirements and eases thermal management, thereby increasing the overall system reliability. With a footprint of just 2.35 in. (59.69 mm) by 1.550 in. (39.37 mm) and weighing in at 85 grams, the VPTHVM-270 Series saves space and weight in a power system. The converter offers 3000-V isolation and operates from -55°C to 100°C. Modules come in a ruggedized six-sided metal case that improves EMI performance. Units are priced at $414 each in OEM quantities. VPT INC., Everett, WA. (425) 353-3010

Company: VPT INC.

Product URL: Click here for more information

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