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Bus Synchs Clocks And Triggers To 100 ps

Capable of synchronizing clocks and triggers in high-speed data acquisition modules, the autosynchronous bus system (ASBus) provides four models that set up the connection of two to seven digitizers (up to 28 channels) with sample rates from 500 Msamples/s to 2 Gsamples/s. The bus system takes care of all necessary trigger and clock signals and is said to reduce timing skew to as low as 100 ps. Allowing all the digitizers to be clocked at the same time, the position of a card in the system is automatically detected, enabling the system to calibrate the channel timing information. The ASBus can also be used to phase-synchronize all digitizers to an external standard. The models XB100 simple bridge, XB101 left termination, XB102 right termination, and XB103 double termination are each priced at $80 with a delivery time of two weeks ARO. ACQIRIS USA, Monroe, NY. (877) 227-4747.


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