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Button-Sized Capacitor Fits Into Coin-Sized 2325 Battery Holder

A new tantalum hybrid capacitor fits conveniently in a standard coin-sized 2325 single-cell battery holder. Rated at 1800 µF (50 V), it features a diameter of 2.5 mm and weighs only 8 g. It's made by combining a sintered-pellet positive electrode, bearing a titanium oxide (Ta2O5) dielectric film, with a high-capacitance-density electrochemical redux pseudocapacitance negative electrode. Other capacitors with different capacitance and voltage ratings will also be available. The 1800-µF, 50-V unit costs $150 each, with discounts, when ordering in high volume. Engineering samples are available now.

Evans Capacitor Co.
(401) 435-3555

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