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Cable Assemblies Suit Industrial Video And Frame-Grabber Apps

Meeting or exceeding each of the specifications of the Camera Link standard, the company’s line of Camera Link cable assemblies are suitable for use in industrial motion video and frame grabber applications. The flat cable assemblies deliver an exceptionally long life of at least 10-million flex cycles, with a 50-mm bend radius. They are made with the company’s extrusion process that encapsulates 11 parallel twinax conductors in crystal clear silicone, forming a flat cable less than 3/16-inch thick. Each twinax conductor features ultraflex, finely stranded wires with dual shielding for optimum signal quality and speed. Standard assemblies are finished with metal EMI/ESD protective connectors with quick-release latches. Plastic shells are also available. For more details and prices, call CICOIL CORP., Valencia, CA. (661) 295-1295.


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