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Capacitive Level Sensor Thwarts Noise

Described as being immune to noise and easy to deploy, the flat-pack BCF10 capacitive sensor for level applications has the ability to detect liquids with high concentrations of chlorides such as soaps and cleaners. According to the company, its noise immunity technology has been used in barrel style sensors for years, but has recently been retooled for a flat-pack housing. In applications where a liquid leaves a film or etch on the inside wall of the container, a standard capacitive sensor will detect this film even though the container is empty. The BCF10 circuit incorporates a compensating electrode configuration that allows the sensor to detect through the film and to the actual liquid in the container. The BCF10 is available with a 10-mm sensing range in either corded or quick-disconnect versions. For pricing and other information, call TURCK INC., Plymouth, MN. (800) 544-7769.

Company: TURCK INC.

Product URL: Click here for more information

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