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Capacitive Touch Sensors Get More Sensitive

Capacitive Touch Sensors Get More Sensitive

Described as a platform of enhanced proximity sensing devices, the SX863x capacitive touch button controllers come in eight- and 12-channel versions and feature a detection range of 10 cm. The devices support a wide range of button, slider, and touch-wheel capacitive sensor panels while providing a plug-and-play solution and reducing overall footprint and BOM. Their capacitive analog interfaces employ ADCs that provide higher sensitivity to work with thick overlay materials and to support the 10 cm range of proximity detection. Additionally, a smart automatic offset compensation function eliminates false triggers due to environmental factors such as temperature, humidity and dirt. With operating current consumption as low as 80 µA, the ICs are highly viable for battery-powered applications. SEMTECH CORP., Camarillo, CA (805) 498-2111.

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