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CCDs Developed For Use In High-Speed Apps

Designed for use in high-speed applications, the S7960-1008 and S7961-1008 back-thinned, FFT charge-coupled devices (CCDs) employ a wide bandwidth amplifier and low-resistance metal interconnects. With a spectral range of from 200 to 1,100 nm, the CCDs can achieve greater than 90% QE from 600 to 700 nm. Both CCDs have a low dark signal of 200 e/pixel/s at 0°C when in MPP mode and have an effective pixel size of 24 x 24 mm and an active area of 24.576 x 6 mm. The S7961-1008 includes a built-in Peltier cooler, while the S7690-1008 is a non-cooled device. Single-unit prices are $5,200 for the S7960 and $5,715 for the S7961.


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