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Chassis Built For High Availability Platforms

This new 21-slot CompactPCI bus-based system is compliant to PICMG2.0 rev 3.0 and features the PCIMG 2.16 Packet Switch Backplane architecture, the PICMG 2.5 Ctbus, and PICMG 2.9 System Management routing. The Ventus chassis is thermally engineered to meet the cooling requirements of high availability platforms. It also has redundant power and cooling, with a hybrid serial-parallel fan cooling scheme with three hot-swappable fan trays said to deliver an even airflow distribution while utilizing low power for CFM/I efficiency. Airflow through Ventus was measured at 250 cfm with a minimum average of 700 lfm per slot from three hot-swappable fan tray modules. Airflow with a single fan fault resulted in 230 cfm and a minimum average of 550 lfm per slot. Even with a fan fault, the airflow dissipates 1200W of power from the 2+1 redundant hot-swappable supplies. Configurable fan speed controllers monitor thermal conditions in the chassis and adjust fan speeds to meet the user requirements for temperature and noise. Ventus offers dual ac or dual dc or dual ac and dc inputs. Pricing starts at $9,485 each. APW LTD., Poway, CA. (800) 367-3765.

Company: APW LTD.

Product URL: Click here for more information

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