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Chassis-Mount Temperature Controller Minds Laser Diode Drivers

Designed to operate with the PLD-CH Series laser-diode drivers, the PTC-CH Series chassis-mount temperature controller can be paralleled to drive current levels up to 20A. The component supports thermoelectric and resistive heater operation with all sensor types and provides a user-configurable temperature set point and a TTL-compatible remote disable. Adjustable proportional gain and proprietary control circuitry enable easy optimization even for large loads with thermal lag. A failsafe set point default feature protects both the unit and the load against unexpected remote set-point failures. Other features include a better than 1-mV accuracy and a temperature stability across ambient of better than 1.4 mKelvin. For more details and price, call WAVELENGTH ELECTRONICS INC., Bozeman, MT. (406) 587-4910.


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