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Chassis Put CompactPCI Systems On Tabletops Or In Racks

Measuring 19" wide x 14" high x 11.75" deep, the Vanguard series of ruggedized enclosures embraces a wide range of features, including the firm's Dot-Ten IEEE 1101.10-compliant components, in support of the CompactPCI systems they are designed to house. The enclosures come with: a 6U x 160-mm cardcage frame employing alternating tan and black Dot-Ten card guides for easy card alignment; front mounting capability for 3-1/2" and 5-1/4" half height and/or slimline peripherals; a 4-, 6- or 8-slot, 10-layer backplane in either 3U or 6U heights; and a choice of one or two hot-swap N+1 redundant 150W or 300W power supplies with a 90 to 265 vac or 40 to 72 vdc input- the pluggable supplies can be used for international applications without reconfiguration.Among the several options available with these 19" tabletop or rack-mountable enclosures are a system voltage monitor and an active thermal monitoring and fan control system- a closed-loop thermal control system is used to keep the enclosure cool.

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