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Chassis Shelters Large VME Systems

The latest of the company's VME system chassis comes in 12- and 21-slot versions for 32/64-bit VME and VME64 extensions. The rack-mount S21 chassis is available in several standard configurations, including two sizes supporting 6U x 160 mm and 9U x 400 mm cards, power sources ranging from 500W to 800W, an optional four-device, 5.25" half-height storage module, and a rack-slide option. All versions have high-pressure cooling with air-filter and front-air intake and rear-exhaust airflow so units can be directly stacked. The S21 provides uniform cooling using negative-pressure (evacuated) flow through large, plenum-directed passages that reduce air restrictions for improved cooling performance. This combination of high-power and -cooling capacity, optional disk-storage bays, rugged construction and compact size make the S21 useful in a wide range of commercial, industrial and military VME applications. Pricing starts at $2,590 each in OEM quantities.


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