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Chip Trapper Makes Coolant Last Longer

Chip Trapper Makes Coolant Last Longer

Removing solids from used coolants and other liquids, the Model 6198-110 110-gallon chip trapper enables a quick, simple method for cleaning large coolant sumps. In essence, coolant that usually lasts about six weeks can now last six months or more. The compressed-air-powered unit vacuums dirty coolant into its 110-gallon drum, trapping all the solids in a reusable filter bag. With a turn of the flow valve, clean liquid pumps back out. Including the stainless steel two-way pump, directional flow valve, 110 gallon drum, lever lock drum lid, shutoff valve, 10' vacuum hose, 20' compressed air hose, chip wand, two filter bags, and a drum dolly, price is $1,947. EXAIR CORP., Cincinnati, OH. (800) 903-9247.


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