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Chips Offer ESD Protection For High-Speed Data Lines

Specializing in protecting sensitive electronic devices, data lines and PCs from electrostatic discharges (ESDs), the 0603ESDA SurgX surface-mount chips are bi-directional components, have very fast response times, and exceed IEC61000-4-2 specs. With capacitance as low as 0.15 pF, the 0603 SurgX can be used on high-speed data lines, such as USB2.0 and Giga-Ethernet, without signal distortion at frequencies in excess of 6 GHz. This, combined with a leakage current of just 0.1 nA, is said to make the devices virtually invisible to circuits until activated by an ESD pulse. The ESD suppressors can protect against 15 kV ESD threats, and handle peak currents up to 45A. COOPER ELECTRONIC TECHNOLOGIES, Boynton Beach, FL. (516) 752-5000.


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