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Circuit Breaker Carries 125 A In Compact Frame Size

The 8345 circuit breaker is available with current ratings up to 125 A, making it the highest current-carrying device in a 0.749- by 1.86- by 2.5-in. frame size. While the standard current-handling capability for similar-size devices is 100 A, the 8345's additional 25 A enables designers to increase power output without consuming valuable rack space. The 8345 single-pole magnetic circuit breaker meets the UL 489A standard, operating normally after interrupting a short circuit at its specified interrupt capacity. The part is also approved to CSA and VDE standards. The 8345 suits 80-V dc and 480Y/277-V ac applications. Its magnetic trip mechanism has a fast trip profile, providing maximum protection of sensitive electronic equipment. The part is also available in two-, three-, and four-pole configurations, with a selection of current ratings from 0.1 to 125 A. The 8345 circuit breaker starts at $15 each in 500-piece quantities.

E-T-A Circuit Breakers
www.etacbe.com; (847) 827-7600

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