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Circuit Breaker Panel Line Expanded

This expanded line of dc power circuit breaker panels includes 23", rack-mount panels equipped with alarm indicators for remote monitoring. The circuit breakers operate at -48 Vdc or 24 Vdc at a maximum of 400A in a 4U design, span ratings ranging from 1A to 125A (16 breakers max.), and can be equipped with anyone of 10 glass fuses rated from 0.18A to 25A, 12 GMT fuses from 0.18A to 15A, input cable sizes up to 1 AWG, output cable sizes up to 4 AWG, and external load-shunt connections. They are also available as pluggable units. Temperature rating is up to 50¡C. Modular options include over/under voltage protection, low-voltage disconnect, EMI suppression, transient suppression, and additional alarm modules. SPECTRUM CONTROL, INC., Erie, PA. (814) 835-4000.


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