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Circuit Breaker Plugs Into Terminal Blocks

Effective overload protection in a pluggable package is provided by the new TCP thermal miniature circuit breaker. Designed for use with terminal blocks, the circuit breakers offer an integrated switching function that allows tripped circuits to be immediately switched back on; the breaker also doubles as an on/off switch. The modular base terminal block and pluggable circuit breaker are said to make it possible to implement a multitude of power distribution tasks, ranging from 0.25A-10A at either 250 Vac or 65 Vdc. And a variable length screw bridge or push-in bridge can distribute input voltages to a maximum of 10 circuits. An optional indication lamp is available on a screw clamp or spring cage terminal block for optically signalling a tripped circuit. More details are available from PHOENIX CONTACT INC., Harrisburg, PA. (800) 322-3225.


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