Electronic Design

Circuit Breakers Enable High-Speed Load Disconnects

The Cool-Switch PI2161 and PI2061 are promoted as the industry's first true electronic circuit breakers optimized for low power loss and fast dynamic response to fault conditions in 12V and 48V redundant power architectures. The PI2161 carries a 60V rating and integrates a charge pump suitable for narrow-range, high-side 48V bus apps. In a 7 mm x 8 mm LGA package, it delivers up to 12A over a wide range of operating temperatures. The PI2061 is designed for use with N-channel MOSFETs.  Optimized for 12V and 48V systems and measuring 3-mm square, it can be used in systems required to operate during input voltage transients up to 100V for 100 ms. An internal charge pump eliminates the need for a separate bias supply for high-side applications. Prices for the PI2161 and PI2061 are $4.66 and $1.48 each in OEM quantities. VICOR CORP., Andover, MA. (800) 735-6200.

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