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Circuit Breakers Meet MIL Specs

The compact, high-performance 4120 circuit breaker for equipment (CBE) has been approved per MIL-C-5809 MS3320. Available in current ratings from 1A to 25A, the new CBE is suited for extra low voltage wiring systems on all types of land vehicles, marine and aircraft. The breaker offers high resistance to physical shock and vibrations especially random vibrations that can occur in high performance aircraft. This single pole thermal circuit breaker features a snap-action mechanism and push on/pull off manual actuation, and threaded neck panel mounting. It is also temperature-compensated with optional auxiliary contacts and an optional water splash cover. And a high tolerance to sudden current surges is built-in, reducing the risk of nuisance operation. The CBE operates at very precise conditions of over current, preventing the destruction of wiring and components in the protected circuit and minimizing the smoke and fire risks that overheating can cause. Such over currents may be due to intermittent faults. By resetting the circuit breaker button, the circuit can be immediately repowered if desired. The 4120 ranges in price from $28 to $32 per unit in low volumes. E-T-A CIRCUIT BREAKERS, Mt. Prospect, IL. (847) 827-7600.


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